Tuesday, March 13, 2012

mini road trip

On Sunday my mom and I drove to Buffalo for my best friend's baby shower. Since its a three hour drive we decided to see Niagara falls while we were in the area. (Its only 15mins from my friend's house) I had been there with my dad when I was a kid, but this time was a lot more fun. It was really nice and quiet because its the off season and we were there in the afternoon. I'm used to seeing waterfalls all the time since here in Ithaca we have so many but, Niagara is just a lot bigger. I was surprised by it and it was actually incredibly cool to see.

As we were leaving we spotted this little guy. No one else noticed him and it felt really special to me. He was all puffed up and looked so cute.

Then on Monday we went for a little walk. So many spring flowers are out. We're starting to get some warm days and I just cant get enough of being outside again.

On our walk we went to my favorite cemetery in town, and went to some parts of it I hadn't been to before (its really quite large). The face of the statue below has such realistic eyes, she looks like she can see right into you.