Sunday, June 3, 2012

Urban Haul

We had a special employees only sale at Urban last Thursday and or course I couldn't resist some good deals.
Top down:
1. A pretty jewelry stand that is going by the door for keys.
2. The new First Aid Kit album.
3. One good deed a day. ( I cannot wait to start this, It seems like its going to be so cute and fun)
4. Seed bombs to throw in y neighbors yard.
5. A really pretty warm scarf, that matches my rug apparently.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Letchworth State Park

This post is coming to you very very late. Back in March my mom and I took a drive to Letchworth State Park. We had seen signs for it on our previous drive to Buffalo and just couldn't resist going back. Not to mention tons of thrifting and antiquing along the way.

Letchworth is home to Mt. Morris dam on the Genesee River.  The pictures really don't do it justice, in real life it is so tall and huge that it almost makes you dizzy to look at. It was built to protect the surrounding towns from getting flooded. Its a dry dam so there isn't much water  most of the time but I'm sure at flood times its really scary.

The dam is a major attraction however the plant life is extremely beautiful. There are also cabins you can stay in during the summer and we are hoping to rent one soon. I can't wait to take my summer vacation!
And of course my beautiful Hunnels was waiting for me when I got home.